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Munay-ki Rites

Peruvian Shamans gift the Rites of the Munay-ki. - the nine Rites of initiation to make you a person of wisdom and power and prepare you for the time after 2012.  Being gifted the Munay-ki Rites raises the positive energy level of the Universe one person at a time. 


The nine Rites and transmissions, or energetic/spiritual initiates to become a person of wisdom and power.  These transmissions are given in two sessions of about 2 to 3 hours each.  You will be given the transmissions to change you from Homo Sapiens (man) to Homo Luminous ( Spiritual man).  You will have bands of power installed around you to filter out negativity and other Rites to connect you to the medicine people of the past, learn to heal others, have the archetypes installed, and filaments of light to help you perceive things around you that were once unseen.  Finally, you will be gifted your own Pi stone to use for “gifting” the Munay-ki to others.  These Rites were brought down from the mountains of Peru, the last one only available since 2006.  These rites will prepare you for the time after 2012. 


The Pi stone dates back to the Incas.  It is a circular stone with a hole in the middle, symbolizing the circular path the sun follows in the sky.  The hole in the middle represents the eternally fixed Pole Star and the principle of absolute oneness.

This is a free service and is offered on a limited basis.  

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