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About Us

About Us

Samana, a Sanskrit word, it is one of five vayus, or directions in which energy flows within each one of us.  Known as the breath of balance, samana vayu is a concentrating consolidating force that draws energy inward to one's core, and then processes it to empower all aspects of life, including digestion, vitality, and balance.  In the energetic body, it is associated with the transformative power of the fire element.  So, simply put, samana equals transformation from the inside out.  We welcome you to share in an exploration of your Self with the multiple modalities we have to offer here at Samana H.C.  Whether you resonate with one or all of our services, we hold a space for you that we hope will serve as a catalyst for what YOU have to offer the Universe.    Namaste.

Samana Holistic Center

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