“Yoga & Divinations “

A time for self and collective nourishment


Purging the crevices of our body mind of fears, doubts, and habits that maybe detrimental is always a precursor to nourishment of the Divine.

Join Jennifer of Samana and Maria of Sacred Rose for “Yoga & Divination” we will be offering this package of a yoga experience and a magickal divination - a phone rendezvous to assist you to shed layers of old and embody nutriment from the Divine.

This Package includes a personalized yoga experience that will focus on grounding and chakra alignment to help purge old energy and bring in energetic nourishment that will essentially lend towards the holistic healing of not only yourSelf but the collective, as well. This 40 min practice will include yoga, meditation, mudra and mantra with a personalized email so that you can continue the practice on your own.

Combined with a Sacred Rose Herb & Root Magickal Divination.

This 40-minute phone reading will allow to see your world through a new lense, with clarity and definition of path.

Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, those which average eyes would see as fixed and still. -Rumi

Sacred Rose Herb & Root Readings foresee into the life of the quester by communing with the magick of plant lore. Sacred Rose Herb & Root Readings are magickal divinations that assist you to resolve ways of being and patterns that you have allowed to control you with fear and doubt of living your full potential.

Rose Herb & Root Magickal invites you to participate because as a humanity we have been called to birth the third wave of awakening in consciousness. And with every awakening there is an initiation. All initiations require a death experience. Death of that which prevents your conscious evolution. Conscious evolution is a manifestation of your latent potential. Magickal Divinations by appointment


We invite you to purchase this package for an investment of $77 and nourish yourself into the next wave of awakening. Our offering is available from April 7, 2020 Full Moon until April 22, 2020 New Moon

Yoga and Divinations